Professional services

Professional Services

Dynamic Range isn’t just able to offer equipment hire we can help our clients get an integrated look for their events these include….

Powerpoint design / Conference holding slides and Event Signage

Set/backdrop design

Audio Response (EARS)


The electronic Audience Response System (EARS) we supply is the PowerCom Voting System. It is keypad based and works within Powerpoint as a simple plugin.

Each audience member is given a handset and can vote on any given question. These questions can be single answer, multi answer and whole host of other options. It can also be used for quizzes, responses can be open or timed, in fact there are many different features built into the PowerCom system to help you get the the most from audience voting.

The system can be used to get instant feedback from your audience on any subject you wish. You can also set demographic by country or origin, so that you can then apply this to any other question to see how people from countries view the question at hand.

The keypad system is ideal if your audience is unlikely to have access to their own online devices and gives quick and easy voting for everyone in the room. As it doesn’t require internet connections and has a fast response time, it enables you to quickly run polling without having to get people to log on to the internet or open apps to get into the ‘voting mode’